“What Was I thinking?”

I woke up this morning realizing I had to go out in public with purple hair.  It was not something I was sure I really wanted to do.  How are people going to look at me today?  Will I be judged by the color of my hair?

Of course, my church people will understand.  They know my story.  They know my hair is purple because I challenged the youth of our church to sell more popcorn than me, and they accepted.  When the youth came up just a few dollars short, the amount they needed was given to them to win the challenge.  I am okay with purple hair because I was a witness to our church family supporting our youth.  I was a witness to people who said, “I’m on team youth!”  What a blessing for our kids to know you are on their team.  They know you are here for them and you want to encourage them.  Yay God!

The question I was struggling with this morning is, “How will the rest of the world see me?”  It was a “What were you thinking?” moment.

In the quiet of the morning, I was reminded that I am still the same person on the inside.  I am still made in the image of God.  I am still His child.  I am fearfully and wonderfully made.  I am His workmanship.  Because of what Christ did for me on the cross, nothing can separate me from God’s love.  He knows all the hairs on my head, even how many of them are purple.

The other thing I was reminded of is that everyone has a story.  Everyone.  People come from all walks in life, with all kinds of hair, and each one of them has a story.  I might not know theirs, but I am convinced they have one.

As I wondered how people were going to look at me, I also wondered how I look at others.  Here’s the thing… each one of them is also made in the image of God.  Each one of them is His child and is fearfully and wonderfully made.  Each one of them is His workmanship, and He loves each one of them.  How they look on the outside really doesn’t matter.  What matters is they need to know who they really are.

This month we get to celebrate who we are in Christ.  Let’s not keep this celebration to ourselves.  Let’s go out of our way to listen to people and hear their stories, and let’s never forget to tell them who they really are.

Blessings!  Pastor Stef



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