“Pray Without Ceasing”

How’s your prayer life?  Do you have one?  1 Thessalonians 5:17 says that we are to “pray without ceasing.”  Some translations say, “Pray continuously.”

These past few weeks we have been reading Scripture and talking about prayer on Sunday mornings.  I hope this has been a blessing to you, as well as a conviction.  I know it has been for me.  We have no greater example of why we should pray than Jesus Himself.  Jesus prayed!  Yet, we seem to forget that we have this wonderful gift of open lines of communication with God.

I can’t take the credit, but a good pastor friend of mind put the question out there on Facebook.  “What do you think are the major reasons why some Christians don’t pray more often?”  Here are some real, honest answers to his thought-provoking  question:

  • I don’t deserve to talk to God.  I have sinned.  I need to string together a minimum period of obedience before he is pleased with me and willing to hear my prayer.
  • Forgetfulness… a lame excuse, but some days I’ll catch myself and remember that I forgot to pray.
  • Not sure anyone is listening.
  • I feel like I don’t know what to say.
  • I think it is because sometimes I take God for granted.
  • We think we own ourselves.
  • Some reasons why people don’t pray more often could be because things in the world distract us.  Of course, that is our own fault.  It takes discipline.  Some people pray and when they don’t get what they think they should may wonder, “Why pray?”  They doubt the effectiveness.  Some people think you have to pray eloquently.  But prayer is just a conversation between you and God.  He just wants to talk with you.
  • Unbelief in God’s will.  We think we know ourselves better so we remain self-centered, as our flesh desires; therefore, we believe in the human culture that is ‘seen’ rather than God our Father who is unseen.

It seems to me that some of these things might be true for us as well.  It also seems that no matter how much we pray, we can always pray more.  How wonderful that God wants to hear the prayers of His people.

This month, we celebrate a season of thanksgiving.  What a great time to increase our prayer life.  Start each day thanking God for His many blessings.  You might be surprised how really easy it is to just pray.

See you at the church!

Pastor Stef



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