“A Special Valentine Gift”

The origin of St. Valentine, and how many St. Valentines there were, remains a mystery. One opinion is that he was a Roman martyred for refusing to give up his Christian faith. Other  historians hold that St. Valentine was a temple priest jailed for defiance during the reign of Claudius. Whoever he was, we know that Valentine really existed because archeologists have unearthed a Roman catacomb and an ancient church dedicated to Saint Valentine. In 496 A.D., Pope Gelasius marked February 14th as a celebration in honor of his martyrdom.

Because of St. Valentine’s Day, we often associate the month of February with love. We think of romance and flowers and heart-shaped boxes of candy. We hope to be the recipient of one or more of these gifts. And we find ourselves looking for something that will prove to us we are loved by that special someone.

He loves me. He loves me not. He loves me. He loves me not. Maybe you remember a time in your life when you were the one pulling the petals off a flower hoping that when you ran out of petals, you would know that the one you loved loved you back. We all want to be loved, especially by that special someone.

Everyone wants to be loved by someone. And, of course, there are other, better ways to know if someone loves you than by receiving petals or gifts.

Being loved is not only important to you, it is important to God as well.  According to one Christian website, the work love is in the NIV translation of the Bible 551 times. If a word is in the Bible that many times, it must be pretty important to God.

The Bible tells us what real love is; what love should look like; how we should love others and why that is so important; how and to what extent God loves us; and His desire that we love Him in return.

Jesus said that all of the commandments were given for two simple reasons — to help us love God and love others as we should.

How can you show love to God this month? How can you show love to others? How can you show love to someone in your life who may be more difficult to love? If it’s important to God, let’s make it important to us, too!

Pastor Stef



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