Change is Healthy, Change is Good…

This past Wednesday in the young adult bible study, we read Romans 12:1-2.  This is one of my favorite passages because it reminds me of what it means to worship.  It also talks about being “transformed by the renewing of your mind.”  Paul writes, “Therefore, I urge you brothers, in [...]

VBS: A Valuable Lesson, A Valuable Ministry

This is a big month in the life of the church.  Each year, we take time as a congregation to reach out to the community through Vacation Bible School.  This is a difficult ministry that takes weeks for us to prepare.  And it is a ministry that can easily be [...]

Sing God’s Praises!

I listen to Word FM on the radio when I am in the car.  The other day when I was listening on the way to the office, they said there are ways we can start the day that will actually help us have a better attitude and have a better [...]

Serving Our Community

It is a wonderful blessing to see the church come together to do ministry.  Last night, I got to see the church in action.  Many people of all ages came together to help get the church ready for the spring and summer ministries that will happen here at YCOG.  (Even [...]

A Season to Celebrate

Lent is a difficult time of the year for me.  As we enter into the Easter season, sometimes I forget why I am feeling sad, almost depressed.  Then I remember that it happens to me every year.  We gather each week to celebrate a risen Savior.  We have joy and [...]

“Death is Just the Beginning of a New Life”

We all know that death is part of life.  One day our earthly bodies will no longer function, and we will take our last breath.  But as an elder reminded me last night, death is really just the beginning of a new life.  This is why, as Christians, we can [...]

A Valentine’s Day History Lesson

February has gotten the reputation of being the month of love.  Valentine’s Days falls in this month.  I found an interesting article online at Below are some excerpts from that article: Valentine’s Day: Did It Start as a Roman Party or to Celebrate an Execution? According to one popular [...]

A Word from the Eastern Regional Conference

The mission statement for the ERC reads, “The ERC exists to multiply healthy, life-giving churches led by healthy, life-giving pastors and served by healthy, life-giving regional leadership.”  The statement begs the question, “What does a life-giving church look like?”  It would be fair to say it contains multiple aspects, and [...]

A Gift of Compassion

One of the many blessings of pastoring the YCOG us watching the Holy Spirit move through the hearts of the people.  Recently, the idea was presented to you to host a meal for a large group of people from Harrisburg who do not have homes. The idea to bring them [...]

An Example of Faith

This past week, I had the privilege of sitting beside the bed of a dear friend while her family watched her pass from this life into the next.  As I watched this family weep, I knew these were tears that came from hearts who dearly loved her.  She was no [...]



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