“The Things I Miss”

Things I miss: I don’t know when I will be able to do those things, but I’m choosing to live in hope that the time will come.  I must admit I have had moments of sadness because I’m not able to hug the people I love.  Sometimes I need social [...]

YCOG Core Values

This month, the Administrative Council adopted the core values for the Yocumtown Church of God.  It is important to us that these values come out of scripture and not what is trendy or popular in today’s culture.  We decided on these three:  Following Jesus, Living as Community, and Lives Changed.  [...]

Be Grateful

All of us are in desperate need of God’s grace.  The good news is, there is no sin too big that God did not die for on the cross.  How wonderful for us! I read a story about a 90-year old woman who was told she only had a couple [...]

Changes to the Church Constitution

The church council held a special meeting in September to talk about our Core Values and to rework the Constitution. Many hours of prayer, labor and love went into this process. I am excited to say that there was a unity and a harmony among the leadership, and we are [...]

Being in Christ

What does it mean to “be in Christ?” Not many people know how to just be. Maybe you believe that you have to do something to earn your way to heaven. Or maybe no one ever explained it to you. We’ve started a series on what Being in Christ means. [...]

God is Good!

God is good! All the time! It has been exciting preparing for this year’s Vacation Bible School. The theme “God is Good” is so true and yet so easy to forget when life seems to be so sad or so difficult. There are five lessons to go with the theme: [...]


According to Bible Gateway, the Old Testament uses the word “celebrate” 68 times. God commanded His people to “celebrate a festival to the Lord,” (Ex. 10:9) to “celebrate the Festival of Unleavened Bread,” (Ex. 12:17) and to “celebrate the Festival of Weeks.” (Ex. 34:22) In Exodus, it says, “Three times [...]

A Word from the Eastern Regional Conference

This month, the Eastern Regional Conference (ERC) of the Churches of God General Conference (CGGC) is holding its Annual Conference in Session.  We are a part of this organization.  They support us, govern us, encourage us, provide training, and hold us accountable.  Part of our annual budget goes to ERC.  [...]

Let Your Light Shine Through…

I am very excited about a training I will be attending in February.  The training is a Turnaround Boot Camp for pastors.  There are four required books I need to read before the training, and I had to take a profile test to see if I am equipped to be [...]

“Pray for the Leaders of the Church”

Each year, the church council gets together for a mini-retreat.  This is a time we set aside to deepen our relationships with one another and to seek the direction God has for our church. This year, our speakers will be Pastor Lawrence Metzler and Pastor Chad Chute from the former [...]



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