Changes to the Church Constitution

The church council held a special meeting in September to talk about our Core Values and to rework the Constitution. Many hours of prayer, labor and love went into this process. I am excited to say that there was a unity and a harmony among the leadership, and we are moving forward together.

At the meeting, changes were made to the Yocumtown Church of God Constitution. Many of the changes, additions, and deletions were made based on recommendations of and conversations with the Eastern Regional Conference Constitution Committee and staff. Other changes were made to reflect who we are today and the direction God is calling us into ministry.

According to our church policy, the congregation will need to approve these changes at the congregational meeting in December. To help with this process, and to allow plenty of time for you to ask questions prior to the meeting, the changes will be made available to you upon request. You can contact the church office, and a copy can be sent to you electronically or a hard copy printed for you. Please do not wait until the congregational meeting to address any concerns you may have. You are also welcome to attend any church council meeting and ask questions of the church council.

Some of the items in the constitution have been lifted and put into an Operations Manual. This is a work in progress. You are welcome to look at what we have completed to date; however, please keep in mind that there will be changes made to this document as necessary.

Our Core Values should also be a reflection of who we are. The council is working on wording and language that will be easy for everyone who comes through our doors to understand.

Please pray with us as we continue to seek God’s direction for our church. We are called to grow the kingdom, to love God, to love others, and to teach them to obey His commands.

What an exciting time in the life of the church!

C‘ya at the church.

Pastor Stef



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