"Together, we can do more than build our churches. Together we can change the world by sharing the transformative Gospel and by loving a lost generation in a manner that reflects our commitment to Jesus."

Dominic D. DiFrancesco II

A Word from the Eastern Regional Conference

This month, the Eastern Regional Conference (ERC) of the Churches of God General Conference (CGGC) is holding its Annual Conference in Session.  We are a part of this organization.  They support us, govern us, encourage us, provide training, and hold us accountable.  Part of our annual budget goes to ERC.  Attending from Yocumtown this year are Pastor Stef DiFrancesco, AJ Smith (Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministries), Rosemary Swigert, Hannah Smith, and Elder Mark Schuch, who also serves on the Administrative Council of the ERC.

The following remarks from Nick DiFrancesco, Executive Director of the ERC, were provided in this year’s conference packet:

“As we prepare for our annual gathering, scheduled on April 29-30 at Doubling Gap Center, I want to encourage you to begin a time of intense prayer.  As you are well aware, each of us has a responsibility to reach the lost, and this commission from Jesus becomes increasingly challenging in a world that sees all things as relative, except the love of self.  This year’s annual conference will address the challenges each of us face and will present a unified vision, a battle plan, for introducing the Gospel to a generation that is desperately in need of Jesus.”

“The theme of this year’s conference is ‘Connect.’  As ministers of the Gospel we need to connect to the Holy Word of God.  As God’s ambassadors charged with bringing light into a very diverse world, we need to connect to the support and gifts of one another.  As each of us seeks to live a healthy life, lead a healthy church, and recruit and raise up healthy and talented disciples of our Lord, connecting into a healthy community of Christians is a must.”

“This year’s annual conference is all about our Eastern Regional family.  It is about the individual pastors and leaders and the manner in which we all connect with a deliberate commitment of seeking to share the good news of Jesus Christ with a world in need.”

“… Together, we can do more than build our churches.  Together we can change the world by sharing the transformative Gospel  and by loving a lost generation in a manner that reflects our commitment to Jesus.”

Dominic D. DiFrancesco II – Executive Director, ERC

For the letter in its entirety, contact the church office.

Please join me in prayer for Nick, the conference staff, the Administrative Council, the pastors of the ERC, and all the delegates who will be attending Conference this year.

Pastor Stef



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