It is a time of evaluation, to dream dreams, to seek a new beginning.

Pastor Dean Baublitz

Searching for Spiritual Leaders

Greetings to all. I am Pastor Dean Baublitz, serving as the Intentional Interim Pastor at the Yocumtown Church of God. We are searching for God’s men to be the next spiritual leaders at Yocumtown. We have formed a search committee and have some well qualified candidates. The Church, the Search Committee, and the candidates are all prayerfully seeking God’s Will.

During the interim period Yocumtown, each member and attender are given an opportunity to evaluate their vision and ministries. It is a time of evaluation, to dream dreams, to seek a new beginning.

Can you remember the beginning of this calendar year? Did you make any New Year’s resolutions? How did you do? For how long? The most popular resolutions this year were exercise / lose weight and quit smoking. Why do people make resolutions every year? Simple, because there are things in our life we would like to change. People need a foundation, a line in the sand, a place to begin, a new page in their book of life.

And also, once again, in only six weeks over 50% have failed, forgotten or dumped their magnificent dreams. The amazing thing to me is not how few ever follow through on their resolutions year after year, but why so many people choose physical resolutions. We could have a world full of very healthy, beautiful people if only…

However, if we really wanted to change our self and our world, why would we choose physical changes? Why not choose mental, social, or spiritual attributes? In the first century after the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ the early church developed spiritual disciples to challenge and guide spiritual growth.

In the The Celebration of Discipline by Richard J. Foster, the following spiritual disciplines are listed:

  • The Inward Disciplines: Prayer, Meditation, Fasting, Study.
  • The Outward Disciplines: Service, Submission, Solitude, Simplicity.
  • The Community Disciplines: Confession, Guidance, Worship, Celebration.

Just how much would you like to grow spiritually? People travel many miles to see a sports star or attend a concert. Some folks take special vacations to see the physical wonders God made. Why not travel all the way to the Yocumtown Church of God and meet the God who designed the mountains, the seas, and all that dwells in them? You can have an encounter of the best dimension. It’s your choice!




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